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  1. Beris

    Sooo Many Irrelevant Pages - Process?

    I struggle with this all the time... All of the spreadsheets and number-crunching only go so far. I only have part of a process: Nuke all outdated content (We're doing this event on January 2017) Nuke content under XX words (some say 200, others higher) Next, I look at Bounce rates (assuming...
  2. Beris

    Internal Linking - Do Main Menu Links Count?

    That was my gut feeling, but I've never seen it directly stated anywhere. Thank you.
  3. Beris

    Internal Linking - Do Main Menu Links Count?

    Double checking my thinking: If Page A and Page B are both pages in the main nav menu (thus already internally linked), an additional text link to Page B from Page A would add no extra "juice" value - right? What about the value of the text anchor text? Or the value of sending readers to a...
  4. Beris

    Should I get rid of this high traffic page on my website?

    Hi Dino, Do any of your target web visitors use the page at all? (They must have had them in mind when the page was originally written.) I'd be worried about just yanking down the page. Can you slowly re-refocus the page to better serve your client's goals/ target audience? For example, change...
  5. Beris

    Review Summary Snippets

    Hiya, This is from Google: Types of business summaries on Google Maps - Google My Business Help Review snippets are algorithmically selected quotes from Google users that provide information on the keywords most mentioned by reviewers. You can see the most common words and phrases associated...
  6. Beris

    Local Business Schema - Multiple Locations

    Howdy. This has to do with schema URL placement and content. I'm working with a restaurant with two locations in the same city; they share a website. I was hoping to get some feedback on our strategy. We did a local biz (Restaurant) schema for each location, placed on their individual location...

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