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  1. Your_Cedric

    GMB Ads - Call Tracking Phone Number

    Hey @JoshuaMackens So it isn't the only way to show up in the gmb results. As long as you are running a location extension you will be eligible to show for them. There is no way to target them directly but one of the ways that can help you get more activity from them is targeting a radius...
  2. Your_Cedric

    All Users Audience Disabled Due to Policy Violation > Personal Injury Attorney

    Hey @MoneypennyCO In my experience with remarketing for personal injury lawyers, 9 times out of ten the list will be disabled because it falls under the "Personal Hardship" or "Health in personalized advertising", in the sensitive interest categories of the policy which can be found here -...
  3. Your_Cedric

    New Category Section Seen in Product Post

    Hey Mitesh, This was mostly a UI update on the products beta side which I have seen rolled out on some accounts. But not much has changed on the technical side. You can create a new "category" directly within the posts portion (which it looks like that is where you are from your screenshot)...
  4. Your_Cedric

    Google Ads Representative?

    Hey @Digitaldar The fine print on their policy page for this says "If you’ve never used Customer Match and don’t have an assigned account manager, your account is currently ineligible to use Customer Match, even if it otherwise meets the requirements above. In the future, we’ll offer an...
  5. Your_Cedric

    Google Ads Impressions Have Plummeted Suddenly And I Can't Find The Cause

    Hey Caroline! This is really tough to answer since I can't see the account haha The first thing I would do is check your impression share across each keyword you are targetting by adding in the column if you are looking over the auction insights it just does the average for everything bundled...
  6. Your_Cedric

    Google Smart (AdWords Express) questions

    I am also a believer in if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But there is always room to improve, right? I am not fully up to speed with the new smart campaigns, mostly because I despised AdWords Express, so it wasn't something I looked into when it came out. But from the sounds of it, and with a...
  7. Your_Cedric

    Call Only Ads vs. Call Only Campaigns - Correct Set-up

    The cost per call is higher generally because most of the time it is a solid lead, and if it's not, you can usually dispute it and get your money back. You shouldn't need to worry about causing more competition since they are separate, and if there are already other local service ads showing...
  8. Your_Cedric

    Call Only Ads vs. Call Only Campaigns - Correct Set-up

    From what I've seen, If you set up a call only ad inside an ad group with text ads, 9 times out of 10 the text ad will show instead of the call only ad. I believe this is related to the ad rank being higher on the text ad vs the call only ad. So to avoid competing against yourself (since you'd...
  9. Your_Cedric

    Agency Level Efficiencies?

    Automated rules are great, but I find they can be very restricting depending on what you're trying to achieve. Scripts would be a better way to do this, but if you don't have experience with Javascript it may get a little confusing so there are some companies you can pay that do it all for you...
  10. Your_Cedric

    Call Only Ads - 2 Headlines

    Anyone else noticing that Google has changed call only ads to have 2 headlines and the business name? I know Google plans to roll out a policy change with call only ads in December but I haven't heard anything about 2 headlines in the ads.
  11. Your_Cedric

    My "Google Adwords" Rookie Mistake

    If an appeal has been filed and Google determines that their original assessment was in error or details are presented to successfully counter the assessment by the policy teams, then the suspension will be lifted. However, if after an appeal has been submitted, and the original suspension...

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