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Mar 22, 2021
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Hi All,
I am managing several listings for a franchise business. (Two different people)
Google recently suspended both gmbs.

Each GMB has their own gmail, different phone number, different address (even though they are a service area business) They have different staff in each location. Each has a business license and both were video verified by google.

I submitted a reinstatement request and i get the annoying email of your business is not eligible to appear on maps because its the easy thing to do even though i sent them the business license, pictures of their vans etc.

The only thing that i can think of and i asked several SEO's which said its fine is that they share the same website. However each location has their own location page showing the location phone number and city they serve in the footer.

These two locations are about an hour drive, but its not the SAME owner, so i dont understand why the two hour rule applies here. I tried explaining this to google but i dont think they even check or care.
Can someone please advise what i should do. I was advised to remove one location and then ask for a reinstatement for the other but then one of the location owners wont have their business appear.
I dont want to tell one of them, look google doesnt care that you are two separate people you have to rebrand your business. Doesnt seem reasonable.

Here are the location details
1. A-Team Garage Door Repair
452 Sable Blvd #170, Aurora, CO, 80011

2. A-Team Garage Door Repair
2845 29th St #104, Boulder, CO 80301
A-Team Garage Door Repair - Garage Door Experts in Boulder CO
The issue could be with the account, in which case Google won't reinstate it - you'd have to recreate the listing in a new account. If it's not that, it could also be the addresses used on the listings. I can't find much info anywhere on either of those addresses - are they offices?
Hi Joy!
Thanks for responding so quickly. The gmail used to open these two gmbs are new, they are only used for the business so i dont think the account itself has an issue. (Two seperate google accounts)
One of the addresses is an office within a building with different businesses and the other is a warehouse with an office. (this location the owner also stocks parts inside)

Sorry both addresses are warehouses, got mixed up with a different client.

I dont understand how come google video verified them (I assume they do all the checks) and then after about a month maybe more they suspend the business with no apparent reason. Nothing was changed on the dashboard, there is also no reason to change anything.
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I'd probably suggest you post on the GMB forum next then. Include all this info:

1. Your business name & address
2. The case ID for the reinstatement request (should be in the subject line of the email from Google, if you received one).
3. A link to where Google can see the business is real (Secretary of State, BBB etc)
4. Photos of the locations showing your business & photos of the different vans showing they are different staff
I already created a thread

can you please tell me if its in the right place?
I also sent google the business license for each location and the link to the secretary of state business search
and pictures of the van showing the logo and phone number
I can also send them the picture of the office but no one comes there, its just a team of secretaries.

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