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Jun 28, 2012
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Myles Anderson from BrightLocal always writes such meaningful insights on local!

Just out, a new post with very important trends for Local that are largely magnified by the increase in mobile use. So many great tips!

I especially like the point about the importance of data purity, due to the fact "Mobile Internet users consume less pages and take action quicker than PC Web users. So, if your information is inaccurate or (worse) absent from a site, then you will be missing out on more and more potential customers." He also reminds us to get listings on mobile services like TomTom and Nokia.

I'm highlighting below 1 of many important tips Myles makes because it's something some of us in Local Search don't think enough about - Customer Retention. In addition to getting MORE new customers for our clients - what can we do to get more business from the customers we already have AND retain them?

5 Important Trends Affecting The Local, Social & Mobile Industry

Shift From Acquisition To Retention

The objective and role of SEOs has typically been to acquire new customers for our clients. But, we know from our own businesses that it is easier to extend a relationship with an existing customer than it is to win a new one.

New customer acquisition has higher costs and higher churn associated with it, as well as diminishing returns in the long run. However, retaining existing customers and extracting more money from them is much more profitable.

Tip for SEOs:
So, for SEOs who serve SMB customers, we should be thinking about how we reposition ourselves to help our clients with both their acquisition and retention.

Head over to read the rest. Seriously good info!

I also really liked his "trusted filter" comment and agree it's really important too, due to all the confusing options that are out there for SMBs.

Go forth... and be the trusted filter today! :)

What was your fav part of the article?
Any good take-aways?
The Customer Retention tip sounds interesting, but what, concretely, would that entail...?

Would love to read a post on this tip alone... :)


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