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Jun 28, 2012
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Joy just wrote a great heady piece over at Search Engine Land I wanted to share here.

I changed the title up because - yes knowing what the differences are is important.

But the meat of this post is really understanding HOW the differences can be used to your advantage and help you in your day to day business!

<a href="">5 Major Differences Between Google Map Maker & Google My Business Guidelines</a>

It always surprises me how many other professionals I meet and network within the Local SEO community who have little to no knowledge of how Google Map Maker works and how it can impact the small businesses they work with. Many either hate Map Maker or ignore it all together.

However, I’ve always found Map Maker to be an awesome tool that can really benefit the Local SEO community if used properly. I’m going to be writing several articles on how I use Map Maker, and I’ll start by highlighting some of the ways the rules for Map Maker are unique.

Differences in Rules

The rules for Map Maker are different from those of Google My Business (GMB). Many SEOs have a bad first experience with Map Maker because they approach it with the GMB guidelines and think that all the rules are the same.

The rules are not the same — and if you aren’t familiar with the differences, you’ll have a less-than-great experience.

Here are just a few examples of what is different between the two:

So head over to read the list of differences and explanations about how to use that information to your advantage. I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

Let's thank our Forum Top Contributor, Joy, for adding so much to the Local Search industry's knowledge base!


Sep 20, 2014
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Re: 5 Ways Understanding Differences Between Map Maker & GMB Guidelines Can Help You

Awesome info ... Sadly I count myself among the {previously} confused... But now I have new hope🤗
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