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Jan 24, 2020
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Hey guys, I have some questions about the About Us page on a contractor website. For SEO purposes, does it matter what the page says? Is there anything that you like to include to help with GMB and organic optimization?

What do you think is important on the About Us page?


Jun 28, 2012
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To tell potential clients things like
  • who you are (with a photo to personalize it)
  • how long you've been in business
  • that you are a local small business and not some large corporation or franchise
  • any partners or contractors you may have
  • any information about community activities and dedication to local customers
  • what you bring to the job that others don't
That sort of thing. You can also create the content on that page to add or reinforce ypour primary search terms as well as long-tail keywords.
Feb 5, 2021
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Hey there!

An about us page is important to help clients get to know you and familiarize themselves with your services or products before buy-in.

Just a few tips:

- Use pictures on this page of the team. Make sure they are very clear with a white background or lighter color and most importantly that they are smiling. Do not use cartoon avatars, it does not illicit trust.
- if you write bios, make sure to do it from the perspective of the client. Talk about how what that individual brings to the company helps the client! Don’t bombard people with accolades, proficiencies and skill sets unless they are relevant to the end-user.
- Try and add personality to this page and give your company a voice. Don’t let it read like every other company in your niche. This is your chance to set yourself apart.
- Mention how long each individual has been in the industry and link back to any profiles off site that illicit more trust in their abilities individually (LinkedIn)
- Do not cannibalize other content or keywords. This page usually isn’t for search engines. It’s for users.
-Possibly use a FAQ section here to answer any other questions that could arise about your team!

I hope this information helps!

Charley Vail

Nov 14, 2019
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A lot of the suggestions in here are good, but most are pieces of content I would put on my local landing pages and not necessarily an "About Us" page. And you wouldn't want to put them in both places because then you are duplicating content. Be careful to differentiate your local landing page that you would use for a storefront/GMB from your About Us page. Or don't have an "about us" page at all and just put an "about us" section on your location pages.

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