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Nov 23, 2022
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Have people had any issues (or is it not recommended) to add wine and beer items to the GBP menu option?
I found a guideline that stated it was allowed in advertising as long as only being shown to people of-age (19 here in Canada). But doesn't seem there is any way to stop people until 18 from seeing the menu.

Don't want to cause unnecessary issues with their GBP, but this is for a winery who has a restaurant, and likes to feature their wines.
Are you connected to Merchant Center? I see TONS of wine stores near me doing it fine through what I think is their merchant center account connected to GBP, example and the products page itself lets you sort for specific types of alcohols

I don't think there would be any issues adding them - however, guidelines do say "We [Google] do not allow content related to regulated products and services, including alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, financial services, pharmaceuticals and unapproved supplements, or health/medical devices."

So I would just try to add them through Mercant Center and not as actual products in the GBP itself.

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Thank you! I haven't gotten far into investigating their website/Merchant centre connections, just starting to optimize the basics of the Google Business Profile. Will have to move on to that part next!

Menu wise, sounds like it might just be safer to list the non-alcoholic drinks for their restaurant, and keep the wines excluded from the menu for now (since this is dine-in only for the restaurant portion of the business).
Isn't the menu section in GBP usually just a link to the menu on the website? I am not too familiar with restaurant GBPs so I may be wrong.
We actually get to manually list the menu items, their dietary options (veg/vegan), and include images of the items. There's another section that lets us upload a photo of the menu as well.

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Neat!! So I found this help article and they don't mention any item restrictions... About the menu editor - Google Business Profile Help

If I were you, I would test adding some wines and see if they get approved! The worst that can happen is Google doesn't approve an item and then you can just delete it.
If you are small in terms of the number of locations you might want to explore the Merchant Center Next option. At the start of the year, Google launched this version of the Merchant Center to level the playing field between large corporates that have the IT skills to build local inventory feeds, and smaller players that just need an easy solution to add their products to a Google Business Profile. how to add product on our blog. We have customers uploading cars and cheese sandwiches!!

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