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Nov 17, 2015
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Hello there!

I am one of the main Local SEO experts at a recently started company in Europe. We have got a really good start and now have around 15-30 clients/month for optimising/ranking companies in Google's local business list in all different countries, worth to mention is that almost all of our clients is outside of USA and UK.

The problem is that we still don't have any good system for managing clients statistic like keeping track of everything that we have done with them and what there is to do. I found SEO PowerSuite interesting because it seems to have a good way of handle clients and also have many necessary tools for the SEO we are doing.

So before I jump into things I need to know if there is some better software solution adapted for Local SEO specifically or should we invest in several different software's instead?

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time now but there is so many tools out there so it is impossible for me alone to make the final decisions. As long as I can convince the company owner that the tools is worth it he will get it for me, so money is not the problem. Thanks Ahead!

Best regards

Joakim Isaksson
I would suggest Bright Local for tracking things like ranking and then would probably use Asana to keep track of projects and work done on clients.
I did just talked to those at Bright Local and they did not supported almost none of our countries we operate in so they are out of the list. Testing Asana trail right now.

Have anyone tried the SEO PowerSuit tool kit for managing a lot of clients? It is used in 150 countries so it should have the support we looking for in that area but is it good for Local as well judging by this tool list?

Majestic SEO and Whitespark I also heard good things about but if I remember right was Majestic not supported for my countries and Whitespark party supported my countries.

So if I get SEO PowerSuite, what is there else to complement with that contains necessary Local SEO tools?
Today I have started the transformation from Excel to Asana. It did seems like a really good system for managing my clients as you said. Thank you very much!

Is it anyone that can recommend SEO PoweSuit or something else then?

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