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Jun 28, 2012
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When I saw this title at Reddit, I just had to take a peek...

"An Ultimate Guide to Local SEO? Almost.. epic amounts of info - need help filling in the blanks"

I didn't have high expectations and when I got to the post it had been deleted. But like a good news hound, I followed the link and was pleasantly surprised by what I found!

Not only very comprehensive BUT up-to-date as well. Covers the recent Local Stack changes and even includes resources the "average bear" does not know about, like Michael Cottam's Dupe Finder. (But of course most pros here know.)

I'm sharing this resource here for a couple reasons, even though it's a little 101 for the Pros that make up the majority of our readership.

1) As a training tool for brand new staff that don't know the basic foundation of how local works and how it all ties together.

2) There are great lists of tools and resources and it's nicely organized, so even Pros may want to take a look and bookmark for convenience.

3) As for me, I'll be giving it to all the SMBs that contact me for beginner training, but don't qualify for my Advanced Google Local (GMB) training. It's a really nice, free guide that satisfies the needs of most SMBs. AND helps them see how complicated Local Search is, so they understand they'll likely need help with the process.

The guide was written by Brian Niebler, the Director of Internet Marketing at TheSiteEdge. I've not had the pleasure of meeting Brian yet, but hope he joins us.


There?s tons of great Local SEO resources out there, but none of them seem to give you that step by step walkthrough of what really needs to get done. That?s why I?ve compiled together this insanely actionable resource guide to help you through the process (and throw strategic tips your way).

If you?re looking for a Local SEO guide that combs through every resource out there and culminates step by step highly effective strategies, you?ve come to the right place.

Head over to take a look and bookmark for future reference. And I hope it comes in handy for training new staff or anyone else that needs to learn how the game is played!

Thanks Brian, great job!

Disclaimer: As always I don't have time to evaluate every word of the resources I share. (Or I would not be able to share as much as I do.) So do your due diligence. However with a quick skim everything looks quality and I didn't notice any black hat tips that would get anyone in trouble.

What do you think? Handy guide???
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Thanks for the share Linda! Would be great to hear feedback from everyone including any resources and tools that may have been missed. :)

Thanks for writing it Brian and for joining us. Glad to have you with us!
Wow, this looks fantastic. Very clean and nicely laid out.

Looks like a great training guide as you said Linda!

Thanks for sharing

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