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Aug 20, 2014
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Is there a way to add attributes such as "free wifi" which appears in hotel listings?

All Google says is that it draws this information from various sources. Anyone uncovered the best sources for adding this information?
As far as I know, those are automatically included in the Attributes section of GMB.

I suspect attributes can be influenced by Q&As on Google Maps, Google displays a message, "know this place?answer a few questions", not to be confused with the Questions & Answers on the knowledge graph.

If anyone can add more info to help you guys.
ya look like thats about it or I found this, Im trying to figure it out right now and will report back.
Anyone know any tips to trigger those questions being asked when you show up to a business?
If your account is "bulk verified", you can upload the spreadsheet for your location/s with columns for all the attributes that you want to include. Google has a link to their attribute reference spreadsheet available when you click the bulk upload button.

This is the only way I know of.
my posts keep getting deleted and my links aren't working, anyways on blumenthals they talk about how you dont need to be bulk verified you need to connect through google api then you can add attributes etc. Im trying to figure it out my self Ill report back

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