Jun 28, 2012
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I guess the answer was no. I've never heard of it. Also I imagine most of the features are duplicated elsewhere and a lot has changed in SEO and Local SEO since 2015.

But these replies will bump the thread to bring it back to people's attention. :)


Jun 12, 2015
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Hello, djbaxter:

Thank you for posting.

I have taken the past 2-weeks searching for HDD or cloud-type SEO metrics, indexing, citation research software - cost-effective - non-buggy updated technology (vs. discontinued Noble Market Samurai).

I found SEO PANEL at SOURCE: >

After a additional evaluation... I will likely purchase (plugin tool kit) and start testing its strengths vs. other main stream SEO tools.

My goal is narrow: effectually rank and sell short-term profession-Geo specific domain names. Once a domain is sold, the website will be terminated.

Thank you, again. ~ Alan
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