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May 21, 2015
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Hi There -

What is the best practice when the categories in Apple Maps don't correlate well to the business you want to "claim" or setup a listing for?

In this case, its a mobile home - modular home dealer. This business sells these homes as well as offering setup.

Note, I did reference several articles (see list below) and from what I can gather its recommended to choose the categories (3) that come the closest to matching what the business offers or does.

(Perhaps I am mistaken)

In this case, I don't see categories that match well. My concern here is, will this less than accurate categorization have any negative impact elsewhere in which the categorization is Mobile Home Dealer - Modular Home Dealer?

Here are the articles I've been referencing:

A Updated List of Known Apple Maps Business Listings Data Providers - Local University
How to Claim your Business on Apple Maps
Apple Maps Local Business Category List |

Perhaps I am being too picky in this case. And I did search the forum, but didn't find the answer.

I always turn to competitive research when I have questions like this. I don't know the industry well enough to come up with a few high ranking competitors that match the business model of your client. Even if I did, I don't happen to own any apple devices, so it's a pain for me to do the look up, but if you've got an iphone and some competition in mind, that's where I'd go to see what I should do. I haven't done much with apple maps though, so I'm not sure how easy it is to check a competitor's categories there...

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