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Sep 8, 2016
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Hello fellow local SEO specialists! I'm having an issue where every time I try to login to Apple to check on or update Apple Maps listings, I am being required to provide a verification code. This means every time I want to do any optimization or even check to be sure recent changes have to be implemented I have to bother my clients. Is anyone else having this issue? Has anyone found a way around it?
Did you verify the listings when you first set them up in Maps Connect? Did you verify your Maps Connect account email? Seems strange you can't change hours for example without having to verify again.

Other option is to go through any of Apple Maps numerous agency partners screens hotted below but they'll obviously present you a bundled solution and charge for it.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 12.32.07 PM.png
@PaulSteinbrueck, yeah, I have run into the same issue.

Jury's out on a workaround. You or your clients can't change any settings from within, but you may be able to turn off two-factor authentication in your Apple ID settings. If you're on iOS you'd go to Settings -> [your name] (top of the screen) -> Password & Security. I personally don't have the option to turn off two-factor in there, but YMMV.
They do require verification every time you login. Here is a workaround and I believe this is still true: You can claim a listing as an agency or as a business owner. Simply claim it as an agency and have the owner work with you to do the initial verification call. All two factor authentication will then come to you. I do this and let my clients know they can claim it as the owner if they ever want to make changes.

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