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Aug 7, 2013
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Another fantastic post by Phil.

How to Pick the Best Barnacle SEO Sites: a Checklist

The concept of barnacle SEO is simple enough: get visible on a site that ranks well in Google for the local search terms you?re going after, because that?s usually easier than getting your site to rank for those terms. (You?ll still try to do both, of course.) I?ve also written about the most-practical ways to execute it.
In France we have a saying, the best backlink is the link that's on the first site of the query you're targeting. And surprisingly enough it's possible to get listed on people's sites who are in front of you.

Best tactics i'm using :
-pick up your phone and call them ! (nothing beats human contact)
-attend the same conferences they go to in person and meet them In Real Life!
-write and article about their business sometimes they return you the favor (i've been extremely successful with that one). You'd be amazed by the trafic that mentioning your competition brings !
Thanks so much for sharing Justin.

Thanks for the link tips Patrice.

Thanks for the great Barnacle post Phil!

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