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Jul 25, 2012
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My client is currently under the main category of "Electric Utility Company" for their Google+ Local listing.

They are actually a residential electrical contractor/company that works on service upgrades, remodels, installation, repairs, etc.

Should the primary category for the company be set to 'Electrician' instead? The reason I ask is because changing the main category will require re-verification by PIN.

According to Blumenthal's category tool synonyms are as follows:

Electric Utility Company
- electricity, energy, nstar, power

- electrical, switch, wire, wiring

Would 'electrician' as the primary category and 'electric utility company' as a secondary category work? Or can it only be one or the other? I am unsure of the 'utility' category, since they do not actually provide the electricity... just the systems that it runs on.

Hi Russ,

Electrician to me seems best by far, as that's what they actually do.

And that's likely how consumers will search and competitors are listed too.

I'd get rid of the other since that's not what they do.

What Linda said. "Electrician" all the way. Of course, make sure the categories on all your client's non-Google listings (e.g. YP) are also "Electrician" or similar categories.
Electrician as Primary

Contractor as Secondary

You can always look at the competitors for category ideas too.

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