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Jun 1, 2015
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Dear Hoteliers,

I have a question regarding the brand filters in Hotel Searches - some of the businesses I manage are not associated with their relevant brand, even if they have been on the marker for several years already. So far, I contacted the Hotel Ads team to ask for support and received the below answer.

Google Search - Brand Filter.jpg

I am confident that all of the above points are fulfilled and I am lacking additional ideas on how to resolve this.

I hope that somebody can suggest an efficient way, to resolve that kind of visibility issues.

Thank you,
Hey Tim,

Thank you for replying here. Just to be on the same page - are you asking for an exemplary page affected by the lack of proper association with its legal brand?
How are you naming the hotels ?

Examples of a selection so I can provide some better advice would be good too
Hi Tim,

Here's an example TheBiltmoreMayfairLXR - Google Search. The business title is always consistent with the official website and also with all managed platforms - The Biltmore Mayfair, LXR Hotels & Resorts. LXR Hotels & Resorts is a Hilton brand, but the hotel lacks association with the Hilton Honors brand filter.

Hopefully you will have a clue on how to resolve this.

Hi Nevena

Lets take a step back - Brand Filter (no idea why they called it this ) - is basically a brand query but for hotels.

This property is part of Hilton and a query - Hilton Hotels London - shows the "brand filter" is working.

But I guess you mean LXR Hotels and Resorts - right?

Taking a quick look at the dedicated site (which redirects to hilton) - I notice that there are only a few around the world.

BUT crucially you do not have multiples in any city - the "Brand" display would only apply to multiples in a location.

LXR Hotels in Location

You do have a selection in the USA - and for this you DO have the brand filter working.

So it is being applied where you have multiples.

Now I notice that the turkey one is being displayed in the the USA query.

But again when I search on your page for Hotels in USA - on hilton domain - it only displays 2 properties, then hundreds of Hilton hotels

So in my mind - sorting your structure to make it easier for Google to understand would probably help in displaying just US properties for USA query.
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Hi Tim,

I just realized I never replied to you in this topic.

There has been a recent development with the LXR properties association with the Hilton Honors brand and today only the mentioned The Biltmore Mayfair, LXR Hotels & Resorts is not yet linked, hence losing placement for relevant searches.

Actually, LXR doesn't exist as a brand option, but still the rest of the hotels are properly linked to the main brand Hilton Honors. While The Biltmore Mayfair location is left outside of the results for Hilton Hotels London.

The Hotel Ads Team once again reached out to me that this is an organic issue and the filter get updated periodically, but I wonder how much time this will take.

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