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Aug 2, 2012
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I am using BrightLocal trial version, looking at rankings for my core keyword sets. The rankings BrightLocal has are so out of line with what I have been seeing it has shaken my confidence in the product. They are listing me as coming in no. 1 in organic for a keyword I know I have been lagging on - typically 9-12, maybe second page. Any one have experience with BrightLocal keyword rankings tool?
I have used BrightLocal ranking reports for at least 12 months, probably closer to 24 months now. I am very satisfied with them, most of the time.
Hi standenman, myles here.

I took a look at your report in question. I also looked at the screenshots of the SERP pages attached to your report and can see that you are showing in #1 in the local-pack for most keywords.

You also have an organic ranking lower down in #8-14 for different keywords.

I'm keen to make sure of 2 things -

1. That you understand that we report on ranking in both the local-pack & also organic results on your report - ?

2. I'd like to understand more about this discrepancy you're seeing and on which keyword and if it's Google main or Mobile or Maps?

I'll look out for your reply


Thanks Myles for reaching out to me. Like I said in the original post, report indicates that I am #1 in google organic local and in the 3 pack for keyword "disability lawyer" - is that not right?

Are you using a city as the location you're scanning from in Bright Local or are you using a zip code? You need to use a zip code or the results will be way off unless your business is in the center of that city.

Results vary drastically based on the location of the user so if you want to see what users right beside your office would see, use your zip code.

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