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Apr 5, 2022
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I work with a client that operates several apartment complexes throughout Utah. My team and I have managed to get the apartments to rank well for most of the keywords the client has deemed important. One of the complexes in Draper, Utah has an average map rank of 2.7 for "apartments draper" and an average rank of 10.2 for "draper apartments." This is within a roughly 15 mile radius of the apartment building. I've added "draper apartments" throughout the website, but it hasn't done much to organic rankings or maps rankings. I've done competitive analysis and there doesn't seem to be any significant advantage in terms of backlinks, domain authority, etc. held by competitors that would justify their higher ranking, at least that I've found.

The lower ranking of "[city] apartments" is pretty consistent throughout all of the client's portfolio of properties, save one of two of the roughly dozen complexes we manage for them. Am I missing something? What could be causing the lower ranking for this specific keyword and what might I do to improve its ranking?

For reference:
Location: Draper, UT 84020
Website: ICO Vista Station Draper - Apartments for Rent in Draper, UT
Your listing has "Apartments Draper" in the name, so I would guess you're getting a bump for that exact keyword match when you search apartments draper, but not when you search draper apartments.

I didn't do a ton of research, but I didn't find the same discrepancy when I searched for your Fruit Heights or South Jordan apartments, and neither of those had the city in the GBP name the way your Draper location does.

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