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Sep 11, 2015
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Can someone help with this Top Snack Pk ranking fake GMB listing?

#2 in Snack Pk for last 3 mths 'immigration lawyer toronto'
Screenshot - Keyword Loaded Domain Business Name
Screenshot - Keyword Loaded Title Tags & Exact Match Domain

Screenshot - 18 King St E, Toronto, ON, M5H 1A1(address in GMB listing)
Screenshot - address is actually an Tim Horton’s coffee shop

I think this is some blackhat Local SEO test. Their contact page doesn't have a working web form: Contact Us

and unfinished copy on their free WordPress theme.
Hey Dat,

We can't report spam via forums (we don't do here on this forum and the Google My Business forum stopped accepting it earlier this year).

You'll have to send it to Google using the Redressal form.

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