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Nov 4, 2020
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I am posting here in the hope of finding some help/feedback/solution, since I have had no luck with both the GBP Help Community or by opening a ticket with Google support.

Copying below my post with the relevant info ...

Many thanks,


Changed category but the GBP dashboard has remained unchanged​

We have changed the main category of a Google business profile from a "Restaurant" to a "Tourist Attraction" on 4th April.

However, the GBP admin dashboard has remained the same offering options such as "Food Ordering", while we would now like to see the appropriate admin dashboard including options such as "Tickets".

We opened a case ID is 2-1159000036331 but there has now been no response since 9th April.

The business details are as follows:

Name: The Mdina Experience
Address: 7 Triq Mesquita. L-Imdina - Malta
Google maps link: The Mdina Experience · 7 Triq Mesquita, L-Imdina, Malta
Hi there, your GBP forum thread is now locked ao i cannot respond to it. Can you start a new thread and DM it to me so I can take a look and try to help out?
Hi Elizabeth

Thanks for your reply.

I just got an update with a new ticket number from Google support stating:

"I understand that you would like to get tickets that will direct customers to the correct place to purchase tickets to the attraction.

Your request has been passed on to the appropriate team here at Google for further investigation. You might not get a further reply from them, just know that they've looked into the issues you brought up in your message and are taking appropriate action."

Would you still like me to start a new thread now or shall I wait a little?

Wait to see if anything changes. It seems support routed the query to the correct team, so hopefully they are able to update something on their end. If not, I would ask the support team in the email thread for an update.
Even though they said they wouldn't provide updates, if you ask they probably will.

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