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Apr 7, 2021
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A big thank you to the wonderful community here for giving us valuable feedback as we work with our Chrome Extension. We have got great feedback, some of which we have already added to the GMB Everywhere extension. Love y'all. Would love to get more feedback.

We have added a new feature to 'GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension' that will allow you to simulate the search result seen by a customer at a particular location. See short video demo below.

Teleport short description.gif

Some information you might like:
  • In addition to your rank, you can find the competitors in that locations. These are the other businesses that rank in the locality.
  • We provide a circle tool in the extension. You can change the radius of this circle tool to measure the distance of the point of search from the business.
  • The proximity of an address to the point of search is one of the most important factor when it comes to ranking. This feature will get you feedback about this.
  • We use Google Maps parameter option to simulate this. We don't use VPN or API for this. We also don't manipulate your traffic data, so this does not affect other pages.
  • This is a great indicator of the rank, similar to other grid search tools out there. Do keep in mind though, the exact rank the customer sees can depend a lot of screen size, device, app and a list of other parameters.
  • This is completely free till the end of April at least.
If you have 'GMB Everywhere Chrome Browser Extension' this new Teleport button will automatically show up. Otherwise, you can download the extension from the Chrome Extension store.

Would love to hear your feedback about this new addition :)

Can GMB Everywhere provide the following extraction...?

1. Track multiple keyword positions in G-Maps and download to a spreadsheet?
2. Download competitor categories to a spreadsheet?

Thank you.
Thank you for your question.
Questions 1) Do you mean whether it can track the business that shows up for a certain keyword search at a location. At present the Teleport functionality of GMB Everywhere shows the competitors at the location for a keyword. That could be what you are looking for?
At present there is no easy way to export it to excel there. You can only view a list.
Questions 2)
On maps it shows the categories but again it cannot be exported to excel.

We previously had the plan to build export to CSV option and other integrations so that our data can be easily moved to other tools and reports. We had infact build some functionality already. Unfortunately, Google has contacted us and mentioned that exporting data from Google Maps is against their Terms of Service. We had to remove all these features because of that. We at present dont have any such plans in the roadmap due to this.

As an alternate option, you might like trying out APIFY. This particular actor from APIFY might fulfill your needs: Free Google Maps scraper · Apify. They do alow to export data to CSV, and they seem to do the things you need here.

Hope I was able to help here. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
Hello, William:

Appreciate your speedy reply and referral... however I simply want to track keyword ranking for Google Maps, which I am now compiling manually.

It is time intensive and laborious... and simultaneously invaluable.
Look for smart tools!

Thank you.

Oh, so you just want to track your competitors and see if they changed anything? This way you can track and make sure your GMB stays ahead? Also you are making sure if your ranking changed in your location? Is that right? IS that what you are doing with the excel sheet in the screenshot? Is that the pain point you are solving?

We are infact now working on a new feature that does exactly this. It works like this:
- You can come to our site and provide the name of the competitors you would like to track.
That is pretty much it. We will automatically monitor their business every day to find if they changed anything on their listing and will alert you by email if anything changes on the competitor.

Since GMB ranking is relative to the competitor, we thought this feature can help our user to montor and stay ahead of the competitor. Also, at present there is already a behaviour among our customer where they check up on their competitors frequently, so we though why not help them do that automatically. This way we provide value and they save time.

We plan to launch the alfa version of this tool in a week. Would you like to join as an alfa tester? The alfa will track categories and other GMB parameter (and attributes). Let me know?
Hi William:

I apologize for the misunderstanding. o_O LOL.


The above is an excerpt for tracking top competitive keywords for (1) dental lab.

Dentallabor für Prothesen - is the LSI keyword phrase.
The next (3) rows are city-level searches attached following the keyword:

My goal is to observe G-Maps distribution of each keyword phrase associated with:
- row-2: city + province (Dentallabor für Prothesen Dietlikon Zürich)
- row-3: city (location of lab)
- row-4: closest major city (Zürich is both: a city + province)

The above image is comprised of 4 rows.

The spreadsheet currently is tracking 230 rows (4 for each KW) for the (1) dental lab.

I hope this clarification is understood more accurately.

My fault, and thank you.

~ Alan
I understand. Sorry for the misunderstanding there.
Ya, APIFY can do this. It might still be a manual process though, especially if you are searching only for few number of search terms. Cannot think of another easy way :)

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