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Aug 20, 2014
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There is no field in GMB in the Uk to enter the county, therefore the county does not appear in local pack results or in Google Maps.

However the county is a natural part of a UK postal address and we often want to rank for county searches.

If we want to make sure that NAP is exactly the same on citations as it is on Google Maps, should we be dropping the county off our citations too? Or if there the rest of the address is spot on the same, is there any harm to adding the county as well?
Good morning, Map Maker has a place for adding the locality and sub locality, which I think supports the county. So add there and use in citations where applicable.
I tried to add the county in Map Marker. It does not allow it. You can only add locality, which is a drop down list of towns.

I did another check and Google very rarely displays the county in UK listings. It seems to omit the county and doesn't give the option to add. Stange it does this. All listings in the USA have state shown.

So now I've reached the conclusion that we can't add the county, do you think we should also omit the county on citations (where allowed)? Or do you think the presence or absence of the county will be irrelevant to the consistency of the NAP?
I would only add the county on directories that have a specific section to add it. Otherwise just stick to the main NAP. You could also add the county to other places such as the business description area on the directory listings.

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