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Dec 27, 2013
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About 1 month I was on the first page on google and was showing up as A ballon on the google places search. Now 1 month later, im on page 3 with no ballon results. My competitor is at the top of the first google page and has the B ballon on google places search. According to bright local, I have 22 more citations than them, also my citation rank is higher. My competior has no reviews, and I also have no reviews. Im wondering if they somehow stole my citation jucie somehow? I remeber reading about competitors being able to do it but Im not sure how they do it, so i can prevent this from happening.
We also have similar onsite scores on bright local. I just have a stong feeling that somehow they are stealing my citations. Like doing somesort of re-direct link to their page from my google places page. I heard about compaines being able to get google to send them a verication postcard (pretending to be the business owner), and them being able to re-direct or cloak the link back to the competitors page. And quickly putting back the orginial google places address.

So their anyway to check if a competitor is stealing my ranking power?
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ok I just checked, I have 30 more citations then my competitor. We both have no reviews.
As it pertains to google places, they have 1 picture and I have 4. They havent filled out a description and I have.

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My website is
If someone could tell me if I have a duplicate listing or some other error, that would be greatly appreciated

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As far as I know, I have 1 google places listing and 1 local+ listing, they are the for the same business. Im not sure if google merged them together or not. Also in my dashboard, my address is correct, although I dont know what it displays on the live listing
going from the top of page one to page 3, means something you are doing is penalizing you. I seriously doubt that it is your competitor stealing your citation juice.

Of all the things i notice that keeps popping up for local ranking issues is duplicate listings. Go to google maps and put your phone number in quotes "(111) 111-1111" and confirm that only one listing shows up.

What you should do is post this question in the help section of the forums and give specific details like your g+ page, and your website and your business. I have seen Linda and others pinpoint and issue very quickly.

Hopefully it is something small that you need to fix.
The first thing that springs to mind in looking at your places page and your website is overuse of keywords.

In your places description, lawn is used 6 times in various forms. in so few words in total, that's a lot.

Same deal on your home page of your website. Land O Lakes is 20 times on the page, lawn mowing and lawn cuts each 14 times.

Your website AND your places page need to be in good shape to give you a great result in the local packs.

I know you're trying to get your point across to Google, but that's exactly the problem. You're screaming and shouting at the search engines. Stop trying so hard to please Google and work harder at pleasing people. Rewrite your content for a human visitor and G is far more likely to "listen" to you.

There are other issues as well, but this alone is enough to cause you grief.

Oh, and I'd suggest you get rid of the meta keywords. IMHO they only serve to tell your competitors what you're trying to get ranked for.
What you should do is post this question in the help section of the forums and give specific details like your g+ page, and your website and your business. I have seen Linda and others pinpoint and issue very quickly.

If you want to provide the details I would be more than happy to move this thread to the help section.
Ok I made a new post over their. Thanks. I will include the google places url
somebody please help?

Can somebody please check out my google places page, I can't tell if I have duplicate listings or if my live listing is showing a different address. When I log in, in my dashboard, it displays the correct address, but I've heard some people having problems with not being able to if their address is correct. My website is

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Im sure how to get the url for google places.

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Sorry meant im not sure how to get the url for the places page

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My google plus local page is but im cant find the url to my google places page
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