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Apr 25, 2019
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When checked our PDF page by the URL inspection tool (Test Live URL) in Google search console. The file appears to be encrypted.
The contents of our PDF page appear to be a dictionary {'/Filter': '/FlateDecode'}. I cannot figure out what to do next.
Please see the screenshot below.
PDF issue.jpg

Note: We can read our pdf and it is normal when viewing/opening the PDF.
-> 404 not found

Can someone help me?
I have tried a few times to get a PDF to be crawled and indexed and offered as a search result. It never worked. My best try was when I found one that WAS working and tried to emulate it - I got it crawled, but it never really ranked for anything but its own filename.

Instead, I tend to put all the PDF content on a page, and link to the PDF for users to download/print at their convenience. It's easier to edit, optimize, get crawled, and rank that way.

Sorry - not much help - I find PDF SEO much more fiddly than the ultimate outcome is worth

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