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Jun 24, 2015
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I'm sure most of you have heard about the dentist that hunted the famed lion in Africa recently. While staying clear of the obvious dialogue, how does Google treat the thousands of unrelated reviews from his business?

<a href="">River Bluff Dental - Dr. Walter Palmer - Google+ Reviews</a>

Curious to hear what TC's think Google should do in these instances. To me it seems that only reviews related to the services provided should show on the page but it's clear that there are some personally charged reviews making it to the live page. Thoughts?
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And another:

The only reason I have created a Google account is to denounce Walter Palmer for the disgusting piece of shit that he is . I would like to see him beheaded and his head mounted on the wall so we could throw darts at it. Obviously he has small man syndrome complete with I suspect a small penis if he has one at all. I hope that because of the despicable act you have committed Walter Palmer you loose your practice your family and you die a very slow agonizing death, sooner rather than later. You miserable piece of excrement.

I repeat, OMG! The reviews are vicious!

And some are filled with the F word and threats and links to Yelp and other sites that denounce him. I'm really surprised half these reviews got through the filter as strict as it is lately!

Here are some stories about the Dentist that killed the beloved lion, because I was unaware and had to look it up:

The dentist who reportedly killed Cecil the lion is getting absolutely destroyed on Yelp

It looks like Yelp is nuking reviews:

<a href="">Yelp is scrubbing thousands of angry comments from the page of a lion-murdering dentist | VentureBeat | OffBeat | by Fletcher Babb</a>

But as far as the Google+ reviews, I'll escalate now and get them taken down. We've done it before when reviews were media or politically charged and not about the business. But these reviews are especially abusive, violent and many even threatening.

Not that I condone what he did, mind you. It's despicable, but still the reviews violate the G+ review guidelines and I'm certain will be removed just like Yelp is doing.

Thanks for sharing Reggie. Off to escalate now.

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While I don't necessarily agree with what he did, these reviews do not pertain to the business and should be removed. I also noticed that several pics have been uploaded to that page by G users.

Glad that one is not a client. What a PITA to deal with all that!
Good catch on the images Scott. I was too busy researching the main story to look at the page closely.
I'll report those as well.
Who did they pay the $55,000 to?

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Profanity on Google.jpg

Well it's obvious Google's filters against profanity and name-calling aren't all that strict (or existent at all)...

Profanity on Google.jpg
I think he had to pay for the right to hunt there, Joy.

I reported to Google. They should come down soon.
This story is deeply disturbing from every angle.

I like to see criminals served justice (especially this guy if the allegations are true), but mob behavior always jars me a little. History suggests that mobs aren't the best instruments of justice. And this isn't just a virtual mob with virtual consequences: River Bluff Dental may well be shuttered for good, its employees' livelihoods lost, etc.

It's certainly not the first time an angry mob has taken to writing reviews to exact "justice" on a business, though it typically happens around something at least business-related. Still, you see variations of this problem across reviews as a channel: a one-star review of a stereo because it was damaged during shipping, a one-star review of a restaurant because the line was too long so the customer left, etc.

I worry about anything that erodes the value of reviews for helping customers find the right businesses and vice versa. @Linda, I'm curious to see how Google reacts to this episode! And I second Scott: glad this isn't a client!
I think he had to pay for the right to hunt there.

I reported to Google. They should come down soon.

And it sounds like he paid them off under the table and then lured the Lion out of the sanctuary where he was living and was protected, and then killed it.
I figured I should probably weigh in on this seeing that this dentist was a previous client of Page 1. If you haven't already seen, you will shortly as our CEO made a statement regarding this situation last night. I'm baffled by what has happened and am honestly speechless. We at Page 1 do not condone this behavior whatsoever, and are appalled by the act.

Dr. Palmer left Page 1 back in 2013, but his domain was never transferred. Our 'association' with Dr. Palmer has put Page 1 in the middle of this outrage, which has resulted in many hate comments and posts, not only for Dr. Palmer, but for Page 1 as well just because we once served this business.

Colorado company with unusual connection to killer of lion in Zimbabwe receives threats | FOX31 Denver

I think this is a good learning moment as many businesses who serve those who have done malicious acts, have also been 'guilty' by association. There are steps businesses must take when faced with these PR disasters in hopes to restore the reputation and brand they once had. I think our team at Page 1 has done an amazing job working to minimize this situation and have been completely transparent about our past partnership with Dr. Palmer. Here is a great article on what it takes to overcome these circumstances based on the Subway controversy.

Inside A PR Disaster | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

As far as the reviews situation, I agree with Linda in that these reviews should be removed as they are unrelated to the business and violate Google's review guidelines. And as Linda pointed out, Yelp is also in the midst of removing reviews, but there coming in so fast, it's difficult to keep up.

Now, as far reviews that have been left on Page 1's pages. Fortunately, we have not seen any posted to Google or Yelp. However, we were hit on Facebook. Here is a screenshot of one, that we have since hidden -- 2015-07-28_1626 - andrew_w's library. We received 9, 1 star reviews in a span of about 20 minutes yesterday, and during that time we unpublished our page until we had approval from management to start responding and reporting. Currently, Facebook has not taken these down, and the issue has been sent to their internal team for higher approval. Supposedly, review removal on FB needs to be a 'one & done' sort of thing, and they cannot just go back and remove reviews individually. The statement our social media specialist received from Facebook, is that they have never dealt with this type of situation before, so we are still waiting to see how this will be handled.

I will keep you all updated as I hear more. Again, I want to stress that Page 1 Solutions is extremely sadden by this and take pride in our commitment to community service and the support of all humanitarian organizations.

It never ceases to amaze me the level people will stoop to when posting stuff online. The amount of anger and hatred that comes out is really mind-blowing. I'm really sorry to hear you guys were being attacked. I can't imagine why anyone would think that what a former client does in their own personal time would somehow reflect your company's values.

So sorry to hear your company is having to go through all this Christa.
Had no idea you guys were previously involved with this Dentist or that this was happening.

I totally echo what Justin and Joy had to say. It's unfortunately the sad state of the human race online, plus a dramatic example of mob mentality and bullying.

EX-client! I don't get the attacks.

The company's relationship is far enough removed and you guys are taking the high road - so you should be fine. But I don't see how the Dentist could ever recover from this.
Thanks guys! We appreciate the kind words. I think Page 1 will actually benefit from the publicity, just based on how we have handled it thus far, but it is still overwhelming and just ludicrous the confidence people have while sitting behind their computer screens. Just shows you how unbelievably effective and impactful social media is nowadays. Will keep you all posted!
Regardless of our opinions about his behavior, I think we can all agree that:

1. Real reviews from REAL CUSTOMERS benefit the consumer and the great SMBs. The consumer has additional transparency to make better decisions. Smbs that go the extra mile usually end up on top in terms of review quality/quantity. (In theory anyways)
2. Manual review teams and processes should be fair and responsive. Otherwise consumer & SMB trust will erode voiding the social proof. (Enter manual review team when you have to toss theory out the door. Like this particular instance. )

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People are leaving stuff at his office and throwing things at his house. I really hope he doesn't have small kids.

Activists carrying green and yellow water guns were also spotted on Tuesday throwing stuffed animals at Palmer's house. They said the toys were "bait" and that they were hunting dentists.

The stuffed animals — a tiny lion wearing pants, another nuzzling red roses — sit in a row outside the office's glass door beneath a sign that reads, in blood-red paint, "You are a coward and a killer."

Dentist's office becomes memorial for Cecil the lion
Oh dear Joy. Yes if he has kids this could be bad. I fear for their safety but aside from that, just imagine the emotional ramifications of kids at school tormenting them about their Dad.
Why can't people be reasonable.

This douchebag dentist should be publicly shamed, But now he's a victim because keyboard gangstas have taken a mob mentality approach.

As for Page1Solutions... damn, I hate it for you, but this will pass in time (easier said than done).

I know if I were in your shoes I'd fail miserably trying to handle it. Looks like you guys are doing the right thing.
FYI all,

The Google+ reviews I reported have started coming down.

Yesterday last I counted there were 2,747.

An hour ago there were 1,685.

Right now there are 83.

So I imagine they need a human to go through to read each one to see which need to be pulled.

But the photos I reported are still up on the page. My God they are gruesome!
That's good to see both Google and Yelp are being proactive about this issue.

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