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Sep 18, 2012
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I found a directory today that is so useful for Local citations I wanted to share.

The directory listing allows you to place text, keyword links, image uploads and their G+ map. This makes for a pretty good local citation. Once the post is created the URL includes the city, state and keywords.

Looks like the State Farm agents are pretty fond of it.
Thanks Marie. Are you able to add multiple client business listings under your own account or do you set up a separate Greater Town account for each business?"
Hi Brian,
I am able to upload many clients under the same account. The "posts" are tied together as the end user can run a search and see all posts by my account name. I have set up one account for several clients but you can do it either way. I set up the one main account with a non descriptive user name as did many others.
Do you feel a site like this is more beneficial for clients to provide a ranking push? I feel like if I submit client info to all the traditional IYP sites, they'll eventually get annoyed with calls from sales people trying to upsell them on their "premium listings."

Do you treat directory sites like this as more of a place frame the post like a blog post? Would you say a site like this is better than just sending info to a bunch of IYP sites? I'm curious to know what people think about sites like this.
Just submitted my business, and noticed that they have an option at the bottom to hide your business address (for SABs). While its definitely possible to do this with a number of other directories I am impressed that they out and out ask on the registration form.

I also noticed that the registration form was subdomain of What do we know about the ecosystem, i.e. what databases do we know that they feed?

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