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Sep 29, 2015
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I know this has been discussed before and the general consensus (if I recall) that there wasn't any clear evidence to show that Google Business Listings with physical addresses being displayed (AKA storefronts) were being prioritized over ones with hidden addresses (AKA Service Area Businesses or SABs) at least it appears from a search 3-pack results perspective.

I have a theory that it does, but either the preference is not strong, or, it only applies in certain situations. I haven't had the time to prove it yet, but here's my theory:

If you do a maps search (or possibly a location intent web search), Google displays the map (very prominently on a Maps Search, less so in the 3-pack.) On the map there are pins showing the locations of the business. If you did a search for businesses confined to an area that has say 6 matching businesses and 5 of the 6 (or possibly all 6) are SABs, then the result would look odd in that you have all these listings and then a map with no pins or one pin.

I did a quick test and I had to zoom in quite a ways and do the Redo Search In This Area to get an empty map and it had only one Window Washing SAB result. So not enough test data to draw a confident conclusion yet.

So I still wonder if Google tries to avoid when possible search results with a very low pin to listing ratio?
Do you have an example of the query and location you were searching from?

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