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Jun 12, 2024
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First off - thank you for allowing me to get help here as I am very new to Google Ads. My question is as follows:

Do I need to be concerned about the message " Limited by budget"? I have a high daily budget already and am ranging around 100 keywords. I have seen some people say, that I should ignore, since this is Google's way of getting me to spend more. What are your thoughts?


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Very good question.

There are two cases where Ads will mark your campaign as "Limited by budget"
1. The campaign is under-performing due to the budget being limited
2. The campaign bid strategy is using Maximize Clicks bidding and could increase traffic by raising your budget

A campaign that's "Limited by budget" can still be a successful one. Google is just saying you "might" be able to get more exposure (and therefore conversions).

Click on the Limited by budget icon and review the recommendations (you can also specify your own). Remember, these are estimates, and not guarantees!

Also, if you added any specific increases to bid adjustments (e.g. device, location), you will be running through your daily budget quicker.

If you are working with a limited budget due to how much the advertiser is willing to spend, you can disregard this status notification.

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