Marie Ysais

Sep 18, 2012
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Thanks Jeffrey,
I feel as if some of these tips should be in a private forum! I have to say I have applied only SOME of your techniques and I moved a video for a particular search phrase from 10th to 1st. This particular search phrase is pulling videos on the second page. So I am curious to see if I can at least hit the second page with my video in google search.

I will continue to watch it and also apply more of your techniques as needed to see if I can get this at least on the second page where the competitor currently sites with two videos.

Thank you so much for sharing !
Jul 26, 2012
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Hi Marie,

I am very happy to hear that you are using some of the tips I have shared. i am actually working on a more comprehensive post that I will share on the private forum.

I see video SEO as a wonderful addition to a content marketing plan for small businesses.

I believe that many marketers do not use video SEO because it seems too difficult and time consuming. Once you develop a system, it is actually a smooth (not easy) procedure.

If you run into any problems, pm me and i will take a peek at what you see and give you my opinion.

thanks for the heads up on OneLoad. It is a off shoot by TubeMogul. Like you, i have yet to try them but will report once i do.

When distributing videos, here are 2 approaches:

1. Distributing the YouTube version to social networks - Facebook, G+, twitter, Pinterest etc... Embedding them in your blog, website, micro blogs, Squidoo lens, etc.. This helps you create a buzz for the YouTube video you are trying to rank.

2. Distributing your original video to other video sites like dailymotion, vimeo etc... In this situation it is best to mix up the title tags, description, etc... to try and rank for other keywords. Traffic Geyser is probably best known for this technique.

Google will rank videos from other sources, but they seem to favor YouTube (hmmm, a little nepotism here?) I can usually rank a dailymotion version faster on Google, but the YouTube version usually catches up and passes it over time. So i just do the YouTube version and wait.

Proper distribution and social signals are key when challenging more competitive video keywords.

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