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Sep 6, 2016
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Hi all.

Hopefully the right place for this post.

I want to download the historic daily number of impressions/clicks my site is getting. Easy, right? I went to Search Console -> Search Traffic -> Search Analytics, then set the date range (back to the beginning of July). Graph shows all the clicks and impressions. So far so good. Scroll down, hit download, open the CSV and it does *not* give me the day-by-day data but the clicks by keyword data.

Any ideas how to get the day-by-day data?

Thank you!
Thanks Heckler! I created a new project, read the API docs, fired up Python, and then realised it was Friday night and I couldn't be bothered. Just gonna enter the last 90 days manually, reading off the Search Console graph :)
Yeah, you really need to use the API to accomplish this. Doing it manually is a real pain. It also all depends what you're using the data for. The data reported in GSC isn't accurate, but gives you a good high level view of what's going on with the site. Don't take those numbers as absolutes.

What are you trying to do with the data?
Hi Eric

I was trying to get an excel (one row for each day) tracking: impressions and clicks from GSC; impressions and actions from GMB; and users and sessions from Analytics. I've done it manually now (I've only one small site to look after). But you're right it's a pain. I'm surprised someone like Moz or Ahrefs don't offer something where you can give them the API keys and they can pull all the data for you (or maybe they do and I haven't found that function)


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