Dec 3, 2019
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I was wondering if anyone had any data on this? I know that, at least on Android phones, Google will request a review of a place visited, at least in my case, about a week later. Does anyone know the actual duration, or if it varies? I'm wondering because I'm considering an automated email program to solicit reviews and wanted to follow some sort of best practice in terms of duration after. Thank you in advance!

Artem Okhrei

Jan 9, 2020
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Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the exact timeframe after which Google sends a request for review, but by my own experience Android device sends it within 1 day. For example, I visit some place with enabled geolocation and after I leave it in some time I receive a request to rate the place.
I think with this we have some logic because tomorrow (or in 2-3 days) customer probably will even forget about the place he/she visited before.
And another approach. I have a case with car rental company and they are currently developing the following logic. When a car is returned, manager closes a deal and it triggers seanding of email with a request for review to the customer. I think it is good thing to send such a request 'on complete' state of order or deal, but it depends on bussiness field.

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