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Jan 23, 2014
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The lady I spoke with at ExpressUpdate told me that what needs to happen is we need to get the physical paper phone books in our area, go through them, note wrong categories and call those specific publishers. My customers don't have paper phone books. Who does this? Do you?

Please tell me, I've been getting a major run-around... Who are the key sources we need to contact to fix our NAP?
Kathy, Can you give us a little more detail? Have you phone verified the listings showing on Express? If so, you have control over editing the listing, but it can take a long while to update. Sometimes several months. Ive never been told to look through paper books. Paper Books? what are those? I remember people using them back in the 1900's..
Hi Dusty, We did a phone pin verification, was unable to edit the listing, then Express Update said that they need to call the business b4 edits will be allowed. Customer has not told me if this happened. But I don't think we will be able to edit the Name.

Meanwhile, I found out about Acxiom and their data management portal. I'm hoping that updating the listing thru them will produce results, but I think we have to delete it first.

Problem is, I don't know what we should submit as an address. Across most of the web it is one way. There is some inconsistency, and that is on the part of the map/data systems using Route or Street.. but Google doesn't recognize either of these versions and our G-Places has a different version. Our industry links aren't being credited over to the website. And while its the only event venue in its city, a search of event venue + city in Google won't list it. I've been hounding Places support, and am waiting -- to hear from them. So, I don't know what to do about the street address, try to change it to Google's liking? Do you have any advice for me? Thank you!
hmm. Ive never had an issue with name changes and have never heard that Express Update needs to call the business again after its already been phone verified. Someone else might have some thoughts on that. As for Axciom. This site is just one of a handful of important "Aggregators" that you need to have the correct NAP (name, Address, Phone) listed on. This is the first step of many. You will submit the official address for the business. I use USPS to make sure everything is correct. The first thing you want to do is Verify all your listings with Express Update, Localeze, and Axciom. These sites are the biggies. After that you have to address other important sites that list your NAP. The process of fixing your Business listings is tedious and takes months, but when cleaned up can help. You have to think of everything as an Ecosystem and everything needs to match. The search engines don't like inconsistent information.

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