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Mar 20, 2019
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Hi to everyone!

I have a question about whats the proper way to fight against the spams/duplicates in Google.

Working for hotels we have a lot of spams and duplicates in Maps. Some they even have illegal websites. Im constantly checking maps to report the spams. Most of the case suggesting to close them or in some cases contacting Google for merging.
I recently found out that a new client had an account suspension that affected 10 hotels. Talking to the person that was in charge of managing i found out that she was reporting a lot of spams on the maps trying to solve a situation she had with one of the hotels (duplicate). Im not sure if this was the reason though.

For reporting the spams i use the same account that i managed my listings. As i never had the situation of an account suspension it make me think if its better to start using or even creating an account just for reporting, i don't want to risk my clients listings for a suspension. In your experience, what would you recommend? Is better use an account that have no connection with my business?

Any suggestion or experience is appreciate.



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Jul 27, 2017
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I would not recommend using the same account that you manage listings to report spam. I have heard of a case where an account was suspended for making “questionable” edits to spam listings. They had all of their clients listings suspended too.

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