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Apr 7, 2021
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Wanted to reach out to the wonderful community here for feedback. We got great feedback for initial launch of GMB Everywhere chrome extension here. Now we have added a new feature to review audit that you might like. Would love to hear your feedback.

What is the new feature and how does it help you?

We have been trying to provide qualitative information about the reviews of your competitors with GMB Everywhere. Now, we have made an update to the chrome extension so that you can view the most commonly used keywords and also frequency of those keywords. This is now part of Review Audit. Do check it out? See below how this is different from Google provided values.

How is this different from Google data?

Most of us use the bubble on top of the review section for this. If we look closely and compare actually check the data on the review, this data is not comprehensive and also the keyword frequency is very different from the actual frequency on review.

We did the math, many times it is 30% different. Seems Google has an abstraction on top of the raw data, not sure how it works. The Google value also seems to be shown with the intention to help prospective customers make a decision about a particular listing, this makes sense. When you are doing competitor analysis though, this is not very helpful, this is why we though we will add this feature to the chrome extension.

Go ahead, try out a comparison and see the data difference.


Would love to hear your feedback about this. Is this helpful in your daily use?
I have been using the new feature when doing discovery on new potential clients. I like having multiple ways to look at data.

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