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Jan 3, 2020
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GBP has been suspended for a franchisee. I believe it’s because Google thinks it’s a duplicate of the Franchisor.

This is a new franchise business and the Franchisee is the first (and currently only) franchise that has been established to see how it goes to move forward with more franchisees.

  • Franchisor & Franchisee are verified in same zip code
  • Franchisor is a brick & mortar office
  • Franchisee is a SAB
  • Franchisee has a DBA and it's the same name as the Franchisor, but with the City added to the name (That’s how the DBA was filed)

I have what they call their Preliminary Franchise Agreement to send for reinstatement. It’s signed & notarized and what they are using to operate until they develop the final Franchise Agreement.

Is there anything else I can add to convince Google they are 2 separate businesses and not a duplicate?

When there are additional Franchisees in the future, they will be SAB’s and have an area that they service. What can they do to try to prevent suspensions since they will eventually have numerous SAB’s with different owners in the same general area. Their service areas will not overlap. It will be similar to how CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning is handled (although I’m not sure they are compliant with Google ToS). Is there anywhere in the Guidelines that can help with this? I looked but didn't find anything specific to SAB's.

Thank you!
Hi Tricia, as long as the service areas don't overlap and it's an officially registered franchise, you should be good if you send over biz license, vehicle photos, BBB listing if possible. Also check to make sure it wasn't an account level suspension. AKA, one of the users (owners) that got flagged.
Thanks @Colan Nielsen!

I'm pretty sure it's not an account level suspension because the only other user on the account has one other GBP listing and it's not suspended.

Is the only way to determine an account level suspension to check each user and if one has all profiles suspended, then that user has account level issues? Or is there another way to determine it?

Thanks so much!

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