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Jun 28, 2012
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I used to have a whole big list of funny and outrageous Place Pages that I bookmarked as I found them.
But I just checked and most of them have now been deleted by Google.

SO I thought I'd start a new "Funny Local Listings" repository here to share with you all. The 1st one has been totally cracking me up for about a week and just finally found time to do a screenshot and post it.


"If your looking for a genital dentist look no further!!!"

OMG, that totally cracked me up when I saw it. Poor Dentist, bet he wishes he could get more new reviews to bury that one! :p

There are several other typos in that review, but this one hit my funny bone too. "And will let you know what coerce of action you need to take." This part struck me funny because he was trying to be positive but "coerce of action" almost reads like "coercive action". (There are many Dental reviews that say things like "they tried to coerce me into treatment I didn't need.) So anyway, maybe you need to know the industry to appreciate that one. ;)

I'll add more funny ones here as I find them. There are some real gems out there in the wild! :D

(But please no direct links (strip off the http:/www) and no names. Screenshots preferred.)​

P.S. I am also am working on a "Hall of Shame" thread where I'll be outing really nasty, scammy listings or blatant fake reviews. And will invite you to share ones you find there as well.

Some much needed comic relief :D
A Genital Dentist huh? If there are teeth down there, I'm a little worried. LOL
One would hope that such a dentist would be ?gentle? :)

I?m assuming the good doctor didn?t use the pick?

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