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Nov 30, 2013
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Google sure is impressing lately. Lost 11+ reviews so I emailed a few patients asking if they'd leave a review on Google for me. They're response? They can't load my page!!!

I tried... on 3 mobile devices - same story on all mobile (iPad, iPhone, and another iPad). See attached. The same link I used in these tests, works from a computer:

So, I tested the full URL (no vanity):
No luck. Same story.

Then I tested without the https (SSL):
Same story.

Soooo... no matter the device or URL, you get the error. Finally, the page does load, but to a page that HAS NO LINK TO POST A REVIEW!!! Check out my second attachment. No option on that page to post a review!

Legit review get taken down, and no way to post new ones. Not good. *sigh*

(Noticed after I took the screenshots, I wasn't logged into Google on my iPad. I logged in and 3rd screenshot attached (note no "Join Google+" at upper right). No difference.)

photo 1.jpg

photo 2.jpg

photo (2).jpg
Hi Julian,

The links work fine for me. Did this get resolved on your end?

Were you trying from mobile (iPhone and iPad tested here)? It works fine from a desktop session. Still today I viewed on yet another mobile device and still there appears to way to leave a review from mobile.

Not sure if this is just my site, or all. Was just about to test some others.
My bad, misread some of your post.

I'm seeing it fine from my Android Device. So must be iPhone/pad related. The post Linda linked to has some great insight.

android screenshot.jpg

android screenshot.jpg
Colan - yup, Linda's post was spot on (Thanks Linda). Guess I'm late to this topic. Known issue or just the way they want it.

I don't see a way to leave a review from your screenshot either. I was about to suggest Google was trying to get me to give up my iPhone. ;)

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