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Jul 26, 2019
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Is anyone else having the same issue as this:

You have exceeded the limit for the amount of locations you can upload to Google My Business in a single day. Try again later.

This happens when we are trying to upload 250 locations for verification. Any ideas why it is failing like that? Do we know the maximum, speaking to a Google representative, they said this is the correct behavior when 5 were uploaded out of the 250? I can't believe this...

Thoughts? I welcome any help on this matter.

Bahaha, that little patch took place back in May or earlier I believe. 250 locations? Come on. If you've got a legit business with 250 locations, all of which are brand new, then my apologies for my judging LOL. But, in the likely case that you are using outdated ways of throwing spam listings up on the maps, may the Soup Nazi bless you with a "No Spam For You!"
Haha! Thank you for your reply.

It is actually legitimate, it is a takeover of sorts and they have not used Google GMB at all (Crazy Hey). I have been in touch with Google and found a way of moving this forward, but yes it was a legitimate question and not at all SPAM, we are doing this the right way. I have ownership of the domain and business so now I can start pushing the verifications, but staggered -Only way Google will allow this type of implementation.


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