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Apr 17, 2019
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So all of a sudden the logo and cover photo are gone. I upload the logo again and it says it could take several hours to go live but then it disappears again. Its the same logo that I have always used. It's nothing crazy as fir as a logo goes and I even tried to resize it to 720x720.
Is this a known issue?
This happened to me about a month ago and I’m still not able to fix it. I can’t find anyone to help.

We've seen this on-and-off for various businesses for years. One of them being my agency - happens every time we try and add photos - they are still visible in the GMB dashboard but show up nowhere live on search. Every time I've inquired about it, Google says it's a technical issue. I'd suggest contacting GMB to find out if that's the case here.
Curious if anyone found a solution via Google. My cover and logo disappeared this week. I redid both. Neither show in the GMB App but the new cover does show in Google search and I keep getting messages telling me how many views there have been of it but it’s no where to be found on the app itself. Also experienced the duplication of a couple of photos this week. And not so long ago I lost all my photos (about 200) then they all got re-posted as new and I was inundated with messages telling me how many views I was getting of each photo. Seems GMB is extremely temperamental these days.
The duplication issue is a bug that will likely get fixed (hopefully soon).

The photos disappearing is one that I have not seen a resolution to. It is still happening with Sterling Sky's listing.

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