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Sep 8, 2016
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I have a client who does not seem to have the option to get a Short Name for their GMB listing.

1) Can anyone shed some light on why the Short Name option is not available for this client? Is this feature still being rolled out? Is there anything I can do to get the Short Name option for them?

I don't really care about the Short Name itself, but I do want to give the client a URL they can send to their clients that will take them directly to the screen where they can post a review. I have been doing that using this process which uses Google’s PlaceID Lookup Tool. But now the PlaceID Lookup Tool is gone.

2) Any idea how to create a direct link to post a review now without a Short Name?

Thanks for your help!
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I have also seen two examples of this, both small business owners with a lot of good reviews, and perhaps coincidentally both in the auto repair business. It may be that it's still in the process of being rolled out to different categories? I don't know.

To get a direct link, see

Here you go Paul, this is out of a PDF I wrote for my veterinarians. The PDF is called, 5 Cent 5 Star reviews. It's really simple, yet effective. If anyone wants a copy than message me...

Step #1: Our first step is to create a link for our business reviews. You will need a Google My Business account setup and verified in order to do this, but I would assume that you’ve already done this. Now, log onto your computer and go to this site domain: Local SEO Tools, Citation Building & Reputation Management - BrightLocal
Once you are there, follow the easy instructions and produce your practice’s review URL. It will be extremely long, but we will cure that problem with step two. Copy the URL…
Step #2: Now that you have copied the newly created URL, you want to proceed to this site domain: Bitly. The power of the link.
Click on the orange “Create” button. Paste the URL into the box that says “Paste long URL”. Another window will open and it will create a short URL for you. There will be another smaller box appear that says “Customize Back Half”.
Before: customizing
While it is still in the box, change the back half of the URL to something unique for your practice. Delete the back portion and then type in your phrase. Afterwards, click “Save”, it’s located at the bottom.
Now, up at the top, in orange print, is your newly created URL. This will take you to the exact same location as the original link that you made in step one. Copy it, and paste it into a file where you can save it for marketing purposes, such as business cards, flyers, etc.… You did it!
@Steven12 that doesn't always work.

See my post here for when it doesn't:


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