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Nov 25, 2016
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Hey all,

I'm sorry if I have posted in the wrong thread.

A couple of days before, Google analytic was showing traffic to page is that I don’t have on my website.

Does anyone face this kind of issue?

Thanks in advance.
It's highly probably you have your GA tracking implementation setup incorrectly. Can you send the website, and the URL that is showing up in GA?
Thanks, Pony.

I think we have analytics.js script error. There are two scripts and might have an issue because of those.
Having two js files is definitely going to cause tracking issues! goodluck solving the problem
My first thought was that this could be spam. It's annoying. Check the hostname data to see if the pages are from your site or not. In the page report select hostname as a secondary dimension. If the page view hits are from another hostname then you can filter them out.

Regarding your having two scripts, I wouldn't think that having two codes on your site will cause pages that don't exist to show in the data.. It will cause tracking issues though, I agree. Make sure you check that the second isn't for tag manager or Google Ads though. They look similar.
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Hi Cherie,

You are right. This was the spam, hits from another hostname.

Thank you for making this clear.

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