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Mar 13, 2015
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I'm not sure if this type of question was asked before, but I tried searching the forum before posting.

Background: Client is a SAB located in a small town in a metro area and we were ranking there pretty good both organically and local packs. We also ranked well in the local packs for the main city. After pigeon not pigeon but in August 2015, we lost all but one keyword for the main city. So... with proximity being so important after the pigeon (I keep saying that name, sorry) and with client plans to move the office to the main city any way, we didn't explore other more shady options and waited till November - December 2015 when they moved.

Within like 2 - 3 weeks we managed to change NAP on 90% of citations to the new address. After that + 2-3 weeks and we rank again in the main city - I say we dominate the local listings in the main city.


The thing is we still rank really good in the small city nearby. I understand that we still have citations that mention the old address but is that enough? It's already 3 months.

I tried to find why would that happen and found no answers :(. Now I call it Google Memory Effect. I don't mind it, but did anybody before happen to be in this kind of situation? I'm trying to figure this out and see if I should prepare the client for the loss of rankings in the small "hometown"?


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