Aug 5, 2015
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Hello All!

We have a client that is a bankruptcy attorney. His Google profile to login is getting all of the followers and everything. He has posted on his profile page to try and drive people to the Google+ for the business instead, but with no luck. We have tried to get rid of his profile but cannot delete it, and we are struggling to get +1s and activity to the correct Google+.

We write blogs and write a summary with links to the blogs on his site on Google+, as well as post misc. things and share them on Facebook.

Has anyone had experience with this/tips to get more followers on the correct Google+ business page instead of the Profile? Is there a setting to possibly turn it off?

Thank you,


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Sep 12, 2012
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Hey Laura,

He just needs to stop using his personal profile and start posting from the business profile. Start by following all of the same people that follow him on his personal profile, making sure there is a visible connection between the two profiles (basically showing them he owns the bankruptcy company) so they can mentally connect the two together. This will make them much more likely to follow his business profile when you follow them.

Then, just start posting content. Yes, you're starting over. But that's really all you can do.

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