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Oct 3, 2012
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Hey everyone,

I'm trying to think back to recent SERPs when I did a local search, but I can't remember this showing up before. I did a random search for a client, and saw that there was a "places" tab that Google immediately sent me under when I searched for keyword+city. I thought that was odd because I couldn't remember if that's happened post google+local merger. So I did another random search for a local business near me. It showed up again. I think in the past there has been a tab in the "more" dropdown, but I didn't know if this was new or not.

Has this tab always been here for local search? I seem to remember using the "maps" tab quite a bit more.

Places tab back.JPG

Places tab back.JPG
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That's interesting. Just did a couple searches and still see this format:

web results.png

web results.png
Well that top display is new and laid out a little differently.

But for me the Places search has always been hidden under the more drop down. And still is for me. The shot you show above is what I see AFTER I select Places from the drop down.

But when you do a regular web search like most surfers do, Places does not show unless you select it from the More drop down menu.

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