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Dec 18, 2018
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Hi everyone,

A client of mine is now offering lodging for their outdoor recreation business. The hotel/lodging space is completely new for me so I'm hoping you all can help me out.

My client wants to add allow people to book from their GBP. After reading through many help articles it looks like there are 3 ways to do this. 1 way is through Hotel Ads. 2nd way is through Free Booking Links. And the 3rd way is through Google's Beta to Manage your rates. Is this correct? I am getting confused by the difference between adding rates through the "Manage your rates" button and creating a "Free Booking Link". There are separate help articles for both and my understanding is the main difference is "Manage your rates" does not require you to have an existing Google booking partner, and the "Free Booking Link" does. Is that correct?

Any clarity into Hotel booking on Google would be extremely helpful.

Hey Jeffrey

So the free booking via Google Ads is pretty much the way to go without using an OTA

If you do not use an existing OTA, you will also need to register:

Now here is the thing with managing your displayed rates (they may have made this easier) but you used to have to manage via Hotel Ads dashboard if your booking system could not be integrated with Ads.

FYI: If he signs up to any other OTA's his free booking links may not be displayed in the KP, because the paid OTA's push the free down.

If he does not sign up to any OTA's then his will be the only one displayed.
Hi Tim,

Thanks for your insight.

Whats the difference between displaying your rates and adding a free booking link? Can either be done without hotel ads?

My client will be using Home – Arctic Reservations: Customer & Booking Management for Outdoor Adventures as their booking software. It does not appear Arctic Reservations is a Google Booking Partner, will this be an issue?

Regarding hotel ads, my client does do Google Ads, so I can speak with that team about setting up Hotel Ads if it's needed.

Free Booking Link - just gives you the link in the KP

Manage your Rates - needs integration to display the Rate for the Date Range

For displaying rates - it may be an issue - all depends if they can integrate

But you can still get the free link.
Hey Tim,

From what it sounds like, I can't have a Free Booking Link without sharing rates using a connectivity partner. Is that correct?

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 4.22.56 PM.jpg

Have you tried the new beta where you can add rates on your own, without having an OTA?

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