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Jun 28, 2012
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Most of the regulars know that when i still worked client-side I specialized in Dentistry.

So as you can imagine I got a kick out of the following article.

I know many of the members and quite a few of the local search consultants I've trained also work with Dentists, so wanted to share this one with you so you can share with your Dental clients.

<a href="">SEO Insights From the Dentist’s Chair</a>
(Just a snippet - so click the link to read full post.)

1. SEOs and dentists are equally unpopular

2. Each discipline took years to professionalize

3. In SEO and dentistry, nothing gets better by itself

A bad tooth can wreck your whole body as easily as a badly optimized site can wreck your business. That old story about the horse doctor being able to immediately judge the health of any horse by inspecting its mouth has more than a kernel of truth to it, because bacteria from an infected tooth can “seed” other infections in your body. And while a Web site that’s not performing is unlikely to kill you, its ill effects can drag down the performance of any business with an online presence (and today, that’s just about every business).

It’s best to get an intervention before — not after — you start screaming in pain.

Some good analogies to use when trying to get more patients in the chair... errr... I mean...
more Dentists signed up for your local search consulting services. :p

What do you think???
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Meant to ping to be sure you saw that Tammy.

I don't think we are hated as much but so many other parallels.

Some clients need to be in a lot of pain before they'll give in and get help... :p

Sometimes takes time to fix the problem and sometimes feels worse before it gets better. ;)

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