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Feb 23, 2015
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How long does it usually take for a listing to be reviewed?

I submitted a 'closed' edit last week, and was notified within a day that the Google+ Local or GMB page had been marked as permanently closed.

a) How long does it usually take? and why would some take alot long than others. For instance I submitted one over a month ago and have had no updates.
b) Is it better to claim the listing first of all and then delete from within the dashboard? or does editing details and marketing as closed, outside of the owner's dashboard and in your own google account have the same effect?

A) It depends on the market your submitting changes to (some have more peer reviewers than others) and your authority within mapmaker. My changes here lately have been getting auto-approved almost immediately.

B) If you delete a listing from your dashboard, it will still be live in the wild (I'm unclear on what you're asking here).
Thanks Bryan!

Michael Bryan is right. Plus timing I think depends on a bunch of factors - like where you hit in the Q and how much proof you submit and how much evidence there is to support it.

But often to close a listing it takes multiple people and multiple reports, unless it's easily verified.

If it was TOO easy to close, then competitors would maliciously close.

And if THAT was allowed to happen, then Linda would be running to the New York Times again. :)

Closed in Error on Google Places, Merchants Seek Fixes -
Thanks guys.

I've noticed that when I mark listings as closed, there isn't any options to add additional support or evidence. Or am I missing something?

I've attached a screenshot, I can't see where it lets you add info.

What about "Other" add a note toward bottom.
Can you click closed PLUS leave a note there?
Hi Linda,

I think the form is poor. For instance see the screenshot below, if I select permanently closed, and then the reason 'duplicate' there's no where on the same form to add any further evidence.


You've mentioned 'add a note', that's on a different layer, and as far as I can see you can't add a note and mark as closed permanently followed by adding the reason duplicate. (also have you seen the size of the textbox for add a note, it's tiny!)

There's also the option to report something else, but surely that should include the option to mark as permanently closed and add a reason. It doesn't.


But Michael, if it's a dupe reporting it closed is not the right action.

You need to mark as duplicate not close it.

But better yet, just contact phone support and have them help you.
Hi Linda, are you sure?

1. In order to click 'duplicate', I need to hit 'Yes' for Place is permanently closed or doesn't exist...I can't just select duplicate.

2. I was under the impression that when I did so I was closing the Google+ Local page, not the actual business which has another Google+ Local page

3. And finally as you can see from the image, I've selected the radio button 'duplicate', not 'permanently closed'.

Ya I just went through it for myself. They've changed everything.

So what confused me is 1st you were asking how to close. Then said it was a dupe.

Dupes don't get closed, they get marked as a dupe. But correct, now that I go through that new report a problem, have to click does not exist, then dupe IF it's really a dupe.

So.... if it's not a problem dupe, does not affect ranking - just do that.

If it's a problematic dupe or complicated then I would contact support to explain. But even if support takes care of it, dupes can take awhile to resolve.

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