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Aug 8, 2012
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Does anyone know if it is possible to get the GMB cover photo to render properly on mobile? My client sent me a screenshot from his iphone and only a section of the desktop GMB coverphoto shows. He wants it to fit properly and show is complete logo - not sure how to do that.

APT mobile.png

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Attached is the screenshot

APT mobile.png

APT mobile.png
Use the same dimensions recommeded for trusted business view images. I believe it's 1600px ? 1200px or similar dimensions.

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Cody - that is the size of the image in GMB - so when you view from desktop it looks good...the problem occurs when viewing from mobile or in the knowledge graph - the cover image is displayed but it is just a cropped section of the actual image...I was wondering if there were any way to change that so a properly sized image shows in those two instances...
@shondarogers I understand your point. However, the only time that I ever see images look proper on mobile is when the business has paid for business view 360/trusted business view.

If you do a search for "Austin city dental" you will notice that the image of Dr cook looks good on mobile.

If you do a search on for "sherwood dental in sherwood park" you will notice that the image of Dr ghai's office also formats correctly on mobile.

Why? They both use trusted photographer and image sizes required by the trusted business view program.

You should also note that Google does not like for business to place logos in those images. If you do, it will almost never be used a the main image.

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@shondarogers I can't find the thread but I believe we covered this here in the forum or at local search pros on G+. I believe that someone mentioned following those same dimensions would work without trusted photographer. That may be true. Personally I believe that G is conveniently thwarting our images as a way to gently nudge us to use that business view program. A little Saturday morning conspiracy theory for you.

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