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Jun 4, 2024
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Hey everyone!

I know this is not an ordinary question but hear me out!

We are getting attacked by one star review from people from all around the country who are not our patients. (They share the same surnames, etc.)

I even wrote on Google forums but no help at the moment.

Colan was kind enough and escalated the case to Google, but I am still waiting for a response. Thank you regardless

We got over 20 negative reviews (out of 75 total reviews) in just under 2 weeks.

We lost so much revenue in the last two weeks that we need some drastic moves or lose our business.

How can we suspend our listing so that none can see it? Any tips?

Since the case is still being reviewed by Google I would wait to hear back.

I appreciate your time you took to escalate this to Google.

Weeks have passed and Google did nothing so far. Are there any updates?

On the other hand, we are thinking of suspending our account on purpose since we lost more than half of our business.

Looking at some other post of people having their account suspended i was thinking of doing two things:

1. Change my address to another city from the admin account to get suspended on purpose.

2. Use a help from local guides to suggest edits far away so it gets suspended.

I created another GBP which I will use after this attack settles down.

We are at a bad place right now and looking to save our business. Literally everyone is reading the reviews since it is a very expensive medical procedure.

Any advice to get it suspended?

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