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Jan 25, 2019
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Good afternoon my fellow Local SEO savants.

I have a local Business Listing that was live for over 4 years and collected over 500 local reviews for a parasailing operation. They are getting ready to open their 3rd location in Texas, and my client (who was not working with me at this time) thought that he was duplicating his listing but instead he moved his listing from Annapolis to Texas. Needless to say, that managed to get their listing suspended. They tried to move it back, but the listing remained suspended.

They then tried to get it reinstated, but google says that they do not meet requirements.

They have a very unique business proposition, they are located on a pier in the bay. They man the pier and meet customers right on the pier and then go off on their boat. While the boat is out, they have someone there managing the next arrivals.

They need this on Google Maps - hundreds of tourists a week try to find their business from Google Maps and Waze. they are currently telling their customers to use Apple Maps for directions - this cannot be a good outcome for Google as well. I know this is not a traditional Brick and mortar building, but they have a lease for use of the pier and their boat slip and have a manned location.

I have come in prior to the appeal and cannot appeal any more - I'd love any suggestion as to how I can get their listing back up onto google maps.
The other problem I have is the business address on their business license is not on the pier but at their PO Box. I have bills for advertisements with their address, but they don't exactly need utilities other than fuel from the marina.

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